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There is a disruption in the day to day operations of businesses following rapid changes in technology. The need to adapt to the effects of digital transformation and data revolution; increased data volumes, and varied data types has never been more urgent.


The data generation, our generation, is engaging data legends and experts to navigate through this revolution. It is no secret that data is very critical to institutions across different industries and sectors. Data is a prerequisite to being successful as a company.

Data driven organizations are seeing increased profits and reduced cost. They engage partners who work to enable the management of data as a valued asset. With strategic objectives such as profit optimization, enhanced customer experience, reduced compliance requirements, and increased competitive advantage.


Datagend is an advisory firm that partners with its clients to promote data literacy, enables data capabilities, and provides a platform for individual and corporate training, workshops, events, conferences, summits and symposiums on data related subjects. Be abreast about a fafafa slot machine games

Datagend partners with organizations to roll out data management and analytics programs designed to support organizational goals.


Datagend is your trusted data partner in skills development, and data capabilities execution!

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